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Community Development

At Orient Petroleum, community development is part of the company's overall corporate social responsibility, business strategy and everyday operations. We support the uplift and empowerment of the underdeveloped and disadvantaged communities in which we operate. Our initiatives are targeted towards improving the life in remote and rural areas by making provisions for the basic needs in various sectors such as health, education and skill training, assistance to special needs children and social welfare.
OPI has made substantial contribution in the health sector by organising eye camps, conducting surgeries and examinations of thousand of patients in Dhurnal, Bhangali/Soan, Ratana, Karak, Mirpurkhas and Khipro blocks. The provision of equipment and utilities such as wheelchairs, microscopes and bronchoscopes, air-conditioners etc have improved the quality of various hospital and clinics. With an eye of caution on the future, OPI had been actively administering hepatitis 'B' vaccination to children in Mirpurkhas and Khipro Block and has been involved in imparting training to traditional birth attendants. It has sponsored and supported care facilities for the aged, people with disabilities and orphans.
Education plays a vital role in the progress of any nation. OPI has a far-sighted approach towards introducing new standards and improving the existing educational facilities. It has considerably contributed in enhancing the quality of education by providing the necessary infrastructure, constructing classrooms, providing furniture and accessories in Dhurnal and Ratana district and by donating educational equipment, books and training tools such projectors, computers, printers as well as Montessori and nursery kits in Karak, Mirpurkhas and Khipro block. The contribution does not end here as OPI is constantly devising ways to motivate the young generation and students in form of scholarships and awards.
OPI is focussed on improving the living conditions and uplifting the quality of life in the rural areas in totality by making provision for the basic needs such as laying water supply lines, potable water tankers, wells etc and improving the infrastructure by constructing roads, dams and public toilets in Dhurnal, Bhangali/Soan and Ratana sectors. OPI supports initiatives aimed at creating jobs and building greater economic capacity by providing vocational training and distributing equipment such as sewing and knitting machines.

Orient Petroleum's top management is fully committed to community involvement and engaged in the definition of program goals and methods of delivering it.
OPI is HSE Compliant

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