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Production Leases:

The Dhurnal Oilfield was discovered in 1984 and is acclaimed to be the largest oil field discovered to-date in Pakistan. It is located 60 kms south west of Islamabad, in the Attock District in North Potwar region. OPI, as with 70%working interest, is successfully operating the Dhurnal Mining Lease along with its Joint Venture Partners: Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Pakistan Oilfields Limited and Attock Oil Company since 1982. In order to ensure enhanced and stabilized production and efficient water disposal, an environment friendly water injection secondary recovery project was implemented at Dhurnal, which was the first ever-secondary recovery project in Pakistan. To date production from the field has been 50.384 million barrels of Oil, 130.458 BCF of Gas and 393,277 metric tons of LPG. In 2009 OPI acquired 104 Sq Km of 3D Seismic data. OPI's Technical Team has identified some remaining undrained potential in the field.
Discovered in 1989, the Bhangali Oilfield in the Soan Block is located in Gujar Khan, Rawalpindi in the prolific Potwar Oil Basin. Oil production started in October 1989 whereas the sales started in August 1990. It is being operated under a joint venture partnership of OPI, Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Pakistan Oilfields Limited and Attock Oil Company since 1988. In 2011, OPI acquired 119.07 Sq Km of 3D seismic to define a new drillable location and to test remaining potential of the field. To date production from the field has been 3.75 million barrels of Oil, 9.25 BCF of Gas and 1,611 metric tons of LPG. OPI has 40% Working Interest in the field.
Since 1991 Ratana field is operated by OPI with Oil and Gas Development Company Limited, Pakistan Oilfields Limited and Attock Oil Company as Joint Venture Partners. Ratana Oilfield is located at Pindigheb/Jand, Attock. Discovery was made in the Ratana Concession in 1992 whilst production started in July 1993. Ratana-3, well is the world's deepest horizontal completion. In 2008 OPI identified a new deeper potential, in the top part of Datta Formation of the Jurassic age in deepening Ratana -2. . Ratana-2 well continues to produce gas and condensate since 2009. In 2011, Amine plant to process additional gas is being installed at Ratana Field. To date production has been 2.0 million barrels of Condensate, 48,600 MMcf of Gas and 22,000 metric tons of LPG. OPI has 65.91% Working Interest in the field.
Exploration Blocks:

Marwat E.L. is located in district D. I. Khan, Tank and Laki, NWFP Province. It lies in the prolific Bannu/Kohat Basin. The E.L. was awarded to OPI and Zaver Petroleum Corporation Limited on January 1, 2007 for an initial period of 5 years. Geological and geophysical work is ongoing and new 2D seismic would be acquired. OPI, as Operator has 85% whereas ZPCL holds 15% working interest in Marwat block.
Sakhi Sarwar Block is located in District D.G. Khan and Rajanpur, Punjab Province. OPI has acquired 151.7 kms of 2D seismic. The Block is considered one of the prime Exploration Blocks in the Country.

OPI is Operator and has 40% Working Interest in Sakhi Sarwar Block.
Harnai South Block is located 50 Km southeast of Quetta City, west and adjacent to Tullow's Block-28 in Baluchistan. Zarghun South and Ziarat discoveries of Mari Gas are approximately 15 Km northwest and 27 Km north of the block, respectively. Block is in the southwestern part of Sulaiman Range. Geological and geophysical work is ongoing in this block and the surrounding drilling results suggest a model where complete stratigraphic package is involved in structuring. About six east-west trending anticlinal structures ranging from 9 to 45 km in length exist on surface. Zarghun south oil and gas discoveries in the Dunghan and Chiltan are only 13 km north-west of this block. In 1985-1990, 13 wells had produced about 80,000 Bbls of oil from the Dunghan (Paleocene) in the adjacent block-28 to the east. OPI has a 80% working interest.
Non-Operated Blocks:

OPI is a joint venture partner in Sinjhoro concession. Ten discoveries have been made in Sinjhoro out of the seventeen exploratory wells drilled in the area by Oil and Gas Development Company Limited as operator. Development work of Sinjhoro field is at an advance stage and first gas of Phase-1 is expected by fourth quarter 2012 with limited production of 15 MMcf/d of gas and 1,400 BOPD. Phase-II completion with Amine plant is expected to be 30 MMcf/d of gas and 3,500 BOPD.

Pakistan's National Oil Company - OGDCL is Operator of Sinjhoro block. OPI has 19% pre-commerciality and 15% development phase working Interest in Sinjhoro fields.
Mehar concession is operated by Petronas Carigalli of Malaysia and is a gas-condensate field. Further exploration and appraisal work is in progress. Mehar-2, an appraisal well was drilled at the Cretaceous level, and tested gas / condensate in the Ranikot formation of the Paleocene at 30.89 MMcf/d and 3858 BCPD on 90/64% choke . Mehar-3 development well was spud on January 9, 2012 and drilled to FTD of 3,965 meters into the Mughalkot Formation (Cretaceous). The well tested gas and condensate.

Development and Production Lease has already been granted. New development strategy has been adopted and first gas from Mehar field is expected by the fourth quarter of 2012. OPI has pre-commercial working interest of 15% and post commercial working interest of 11.84%.
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