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Dhurnal Facility:
Dhurnal oil field is located 60 km South West of Islamabad. The field has been classified as the single largest oil field in Pakistan with the peak production of 20,162 bopd during 1988. There are seven wells in Dhurnal field. Currently only two wells are producing with one well on natural production and the other on gas lift. The facility comprises of well gathering and production manifold, three phase separators, de-salters, Glycol dehydration, gas lift compression, water treatment and injection, crude oil storage / loading and power generation. A central workshop, warehousing and a large network of fire water system exist in the field area. The facility is operated in compliance with high HSE standards.
Ratana Facility:
Ratana Gas Condensate Field is located 130 km South West of Islamabad. Currently the facility has two producing wells. Production from Ratana field has been enhanced after successful deepening of the existing wells. A third well has been drilled and it is in the completion phase.

The facility consists of well gathering and production manifold, three-phase separation, gas dehydration, condensate storage / shipping and produced water handling. The well streams are gathered at the Production manifold and sent for three phase separation.
Bhangali Facility :
Bhangali oil field is located 50 km South of Islamabad in the Soan Concession. The facility consists of three phase separation, produced water handling and evaporation pits, gas processing, crude oil storage / shipping and fire water network. . To enhance oil and gas production from the field, new 3-D seismic was conducted and based on the results of the survey a new well has been planned to be drilled during 2013.
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