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Human Resource

  • We at Orient Petroleum, realize that our success is a direct result of our people. In exchange for our employees expertise, professionalism and willingness to accept challenge, we offer a competitive compensation package, including employee benefits, and employee development programs

  • Our compensation package is targeted to be competitive with the oil & gas industry, and provide significant opportunity for personal growth based on performance

  • OPI provides excellent working conditions, benefits and employment opportunities. Our management team's hands-on approach, and teamwork, allows the employees to grow both personally and professionally while assuming more responsibility throughout their career

  • Our management team not only recognizes the contributions of our employees, but continuously encourages employees to excel in their fields. OPI offers a number of ways to achieve new levels of learning and professional excellence; the most obvious method is on-the-job training and experience. Our highly professional team, act as mentors for beginners. These professionals are some of the best in the industry. We expose our employees to a wide range of training programs, within the country and abroad. We also provide complete monetary reimbursement on approved, work related courses

  • OPI employees are also exposed to work on short-term projects for our other business units within Pakistan & abroad. This helps the employee to work effectively in widely diverse environments

  • OPI offers a limited number of internships to students with backgrounds in Petroleum Engineering, Geophysics, Geology, Field Operations, Accounting, and Information Technology

  • OPI is an equal opportunity employer

  • OPI is HSE Compliant

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