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Central Asia Operation:

Orient Petroleum ( Central Asia ), Ltd.
Orient Petroleum (Central Asia), Ltd. (OPCA) has been conducting exploration in the South Turgay Basin in south-central Kazakhstan since 2000. OPCA farmed out a majority interest in its acreage to PetroKazakhstan Inc. of Canada and has continued the exploration operations on the most prospective part of the concessions, having completed three discovery wells. The company is assessing other acquisition opportunities in the Central Asia region.
USA Operations:

Osprey Petroleum Company, Inc.
Osprey has successfully been conducting exploration and development operations in the shallow waters offshore Gulf of Mexico and Texas Louisiana onshore areas. Osprey acquired 2,500 sq. mile 3 D seismic data the Gulf of Mexico along Texas Shoreline. It drilled 10 exploration and development wells in offshore Texas Gulf Coast area. It made 8 commercial discoveries from the 10-well drilling program achieving a drilling success rate of 80%. This phenomenal drilling success rate is attributable to the use of the most up-to-date technology and the technical team's skill and experience at finding oil and gas in commercial quantities.

In 2004 the Company sold most of its producing properties.

The company is now embarking on the second phase of its exploration program in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore Texas and Louisiana. Osprey drilled a deep well onshore Louisiana and participated in a number of drilling ventures as non-operator. Currently it has working interest in one offshore and four onshore wells producing oil and gas.
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